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Insights from the XR2Learn Open Call #1 Webinar

Discover key insights from the XR2Learn Open Call #1 Webinar, where practical discussions on integrating Extended Reality (XR) technology in education took center stage. Explore the event’s focus on XR2Learn’s innovative project, navigating Open Call specifics, streamlining the application process, and engaging in an informative Q&A session. Gain pragmatic insights into the potential of XR technology in transforming the education landscape. Whether you attended the webinar or are new to the topic, this recap provides a grounded perspective on the future of XR in education

The XR2Learn Project: Extended Reality for Learning in New Dimensions

Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe Programme, XR2Learn project aims to establish cross-border creation of human-centred XR applications in education. The project will deliver a one-stop shop platform, organised as a Digital Innovation Hub, for all actors involved in the XR-based educational applications supply chain. This platform aims at enhancing training in manufacturing and distance learning scenarios.

By leveraging the European XR industry technologies to empower immersive learning and training, XR2Learn platform will bring XR technology providers, application designers, education experts, application developers, end-users and decision makers in direct communication, collaboration and matchmaking interests, enabling also bottom-up innovation creation.

Starting it’s 4 year run from January 2023, XR2Learn is led by a multidisciplinary team comprised of the following partners: CNIT as a coordinator, F6S, MAG, SYN, LS, UM, HOU, EADTU, EITM CLC South and SUPSI.

Acting as a Virtual Learning Environment (hosted on skillsmove.eu), XR2Learn platform offers to its community the following business and technical support:

  1. GitLab-based repository of XR content, tools (XR software enablers for learning personalisation), XR applications (starting with 3 open-source, beacon applications acting as pilot demonstrations) as well as complete educational scenarios. The users will also be supported via XR Technical Wiki containing XR user guides, case studies, articles, tutorials & guides to external resources, as well as XR2Learn Educational Framework for instructional designers delivering specific guidelines on how to integrate XR based activities in the educational process.
  1. Technical training on XR enablers, applications, technologies and on open standards, such as OpenXR and WebXR, coupled with matchmaking opportunities at online and in-person events.
  1. EUR 4.6M equity-free funding, as well as business development and technical support via 2 Open Calls – for individual applicants or consortia of SMEs/mid-caps and training actors wishing to deliver human-centred XR applications in education. Open Call 1 is aimed at application development for the manufacturing domain, while Open Call 2 supports the application piloting in real life settings.

Follow XR2Learn’s journey and stay up to date with the new developments and upcoming results.

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