XR2Learn Project Holds General Assembly to Chart Future Course in Educational Innovation

To revolutionise the education landscape through immersive technologies, the XR2Learn project conducted its much-anticipated General Assembly in Paris, France in the period 20 – 21. March 2024. Hosted by LS Group, the assembly served as a pivotal moment for the project, marking a significant stride towards reshaping traditional learning paradigms through the innovative spirit of the 7 companies that were supported under XR2Learn’s first open call. 

As usual, the first day of the event was dedicated to reflecting on past achievements, addressing current challenges, and charting a roadmap for the future. Participants engaged in lively discussions, sharing insights, best practices, and visions for the continued advancement of XR in education. The progress in all work packages was carefully observed and analyzed, investigating potential risks and mitigation strategies. Each work package holds a focused presentation on completed and upcoming tasks, presenting all achieved results so far and the vision for accomplishing future challenges. The detailed KPI and milestones check-up ensured that the consortium is moving forward timely and qualitatively according to all EC requirements. An important step were the technical demonstrations conducted by WP2 and WP3 members that showed in practice the advancement in the marketplace and platform production and beacon applications and enablers development. 

The second day of the General Assembly was the highlight of the event because it gathered the project consortium members with the 7 teams that were selected from XR2Learn’s first open call. Each company presented its innovative XR solution and had the opportunity to share ideas with the other XR experts. After the presentation part, the selected teams were onboarded by SYN on the XR2Learn platform and marketplace features which was a chance to identify potential market opportunities. The agenda continued with an involved workshop dedicated to ecosystem creation and business model development, led by EIT Manufacturing. The meeting concluded with a hands-on tutorial on XR2LEARN enablers – technical training and guidance provided by the tech partners in XR2Learn where every team had the opportunity to ask its technical questions in a one-on-one conversation with our tech experts.

XR2Learn team is glad of having this successful meeting that marked the enlargement of our team with 7 new companies. We wish them a lot of success in the implementation of their projects and inspiration for new innovative ideas.