XR2Learn platform will offer to its community a set of business support tools and services focusing on the intricacies of the educational/training sector. They will include competencies matchmaking for on demand production and trading of educational solutions and resources via following tools:

BlockChain Enabled Marketplace

XR2Learn will provide a blockchain based infrastructure where the exchange of assets will be registered in the blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will represent the relevant IPR ownerships. XR2Learn will deliver an online marketplace whichwill support bottom-up asset creation providing the opportunity to any ecosystem member to search in themarketplace for any such block

NFT-based IPR Management Tool

Enabling novel business model implementation management to enable the development of a dynamic and flexible XR based EdTech marketplace boosting innovation.

Learning Graph Tool  for instructional designers/tutors

XRLearn Educational Marketplace will also support instructional designers/tutors via its Learning Graph Tool for easy search and integration of available XR training materialscontributed by the XR2Learn community members and flexible XR-based educational/training programme development,