XRevolution: New Frontiers in Manufacturing event

XRevolution: New Frontiers in Manufacturing event

On February 15th, industry leaders, policy experts, and visionaries converged at A&T – Automation & Testing (Conference Area 4) for a groundbreaking event hosted by EIT Manufacturing: “XRevolution: New Frontiers in Manufacturing.” This event marked a significant milestone in the exploration of Extended Reality (XR) technologies and their transformative potential for the manufacturing industry.

The event provided a unique opportunity to delve into the XR landscape and uncover the vast possibilities it offers for revolutionizing manufacturing processes. With a stellar lineup of speakers, attendees were treated to insights into the convergence of policy, vision, and industry applications of XR technologies.

Attendees were treated to an insightful exploration of the XR landscape and its vast potential to revolutionize manufacturing processes. The event aimed to bridge policy, vision, and industry applications, paving the way for a future where XR plays a central role in shaping the manufacturing landscape.

Distinguished speakers from various sectors shared their expertise, including:

  • Elisa Calza, Policy Officer, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
  • Lorenzo Montagna, Presidente Italiano Associazione VRAR
  • Claudio Trevisan, Research & Innovation Manager, Tenova
  • Eleonora Marino, Head of Innovation & Venture Lab, CIM 4.0 Competence Center
  • Salvatore Montanarella, CEO, Desys
  • Viktor Malakuczi, Researcher, Sapienza Università di Roma

Of particular note, Viktor Malakuczi presented insights into XR2Learn, shedding light on its role in advancing XR technologies for learning and training in manufacturing. Additionally, Malakuczi introduced PROXIMA, a winning project from BSDESIGN, demonstrating the tangible impact of XR in enhancing manufacturing processes.

The event provided attendees with a unique opportunity to explore the convergence of policy, vision, and industry applications in the XR domain. Through engaging discussions and presentations, participants gained valuable insights into the transformative power of XR in manufacturing.