Meet the winners of the XR2Learn Open Call 1: CARATE project

Welcome to an exclusive interview with CARATE, one of the winners of the XR2Learn Open Call 1, a collaborative project by WEKIT ECS and ALTEC! CARATE aims to revolutionise astronaut training with XR technology, bringing expertise from across borders in Ireland, Norway, Germany, Italy, and the UK. In this interview, CARATE unveils its mission and approach to transform training in the aerospace industry. Stay tuned to learn more about their innovative journey!


Meet the Winners of the XR2Learn Open Call 1: PaperXR – Transforming Training in Manufacturing and Printing

Welcome to an exclusive interview with PaperXR, one of the winners of the XR2Learn Open Call 1. In this conversation, the minds behind PaperXR unveil their team’s journey, mission, and the approach they’re employing to revolutionise training within the manufacturing and printing sectors through Extended Reality (XR) technology. As a pivotal part of the XR2Learn community, PaperXR shares insights into their innovative project, offering a glimpse into the future of professional development and workforce training. Let’s delve into their interview and explore the transformative impact of PaperXR in shaping the future of education.

XR2Learn plarform and marketplace

Coming Soon: XR2Learn Platform and Marketplace!

Get ready to embark on an immersive learning journey with the upcoming launch of the XR2Learn platform and marketplace! Designed to revolutionise the way we engage with extended reality (XR) technology in education, this innovative platform promises to be a game-changer in the world of immersive learning.

XRevolution: New Frontiers in Manufacturing event

XRevolution: New Frontiers in Manufacturing event

On February 15th, industry leaders, policy experts, and visionaries converged at A&T – Automation & Testing (Conference Area 4) for a groundbreaking event hosted by EIT Manufacturing: “XRevolution: New Frontiers in Manufacturing.” This event marked a significant milestone in the exploration of Extended Reality (XR) technologies and their transformative potential for the manufacturing industry.

ITW Joint Interview

Unlocking the Future of XR: Insights from Joint Interview at Immersive Tech Week 2023

Step into the world of Extended Reality (XR) with our latest video showcasing exclusive insights from Immersive Tech Week 2023. Join us as we delve into a joint interview featuring experts from five EU-funded projects: XR2Learn, VOXReality, SERMAS, CORTEX2, and XR4ED. This video offers a captivating glimpse into the future of XR. Discover predictions for XR’s evolution, insights into ongoing projects in 2024, and the transformative benefits of XR technologies across various industries. Subscribe now to XR2Learn for more immersive content and cutting-edge insights into the boundless potential of Extended Reality.