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Partner Providers: LS, SUPSI and EIT Manufacturing


The first beacon app illustrates a typical manufacturing learning scenario, derived from the results of EIT Manufacturing funded project VMachina which purpose was to train workforce and offer a cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) environment, bringing together people and machines for safe, quick and easy access to trainings at a low cost, regardless of trainees’ location and hierarchical status. The beacon application 1  provides VR-based simulations for making the interaction with complex and dangerous machinery easy and safe. It will illustrate the authoring process of immersive training applications using INTERACT from 3D data import to interaction configuration and scenario description.


Beacon App 1 enablers:


The beacon application will illustrate the following enablers :


  • Authoring tool : facilitating the creation of VR scenario
  • Authoring tool : physics based realistic simulation
  • Authoring tool : Gamification aspects
  • Analysis of the emotional response 


Expected impact: 


– It enables practices with VR in a manufacturing context and evaluating the implications of their adoption

–  It showcases a complete pipeline from 3D data import to interaction configuration and scenario description. 

– It supports the development of  best practices and guidelines for the creation of industrial VR training scenario

– It fosters a wide range of application domains (automotive, aeronautics, energy, construction)

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