XR2Learn Leaves Its Mark at Immersive Tech Week 2023 in Rotterdam

XR2Learn presentation at ITW

From the 28th of November to the 1st of December, Rotterdam became the epicenter of cutting-edge technology as the Immersive Tech Week 2023 unfolded. This significant gathering brought together leaders and innovators in XR, VR, AR, AI, spatial computing, and haptics to explore the forefront of immersive technology.

XR2Learn, a project at the forefront of leveraging extended reality (XR) for learning, made a notable impact during this event. Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, the coordinator of XR2Learn, took the stage to present the project and shed light on its two Open Calls in the “Connecting Founders to Horizon Europe Funding Opportunities” session organized by F6S.

The event provided a fertile ground for XR2Learn to showcase its vision and innovations. The project presented two Open Calls, inviting collaboration and ideas from the XR community.

V-Lab: Revolutionizing Education Through Immersion

One of the highlights of XR2Learn’s showcase was the V-Lab, presented by the Hellenic Open University. This demo redefines the educational experience by providing a dynamic virtual biology laboratory. Tailored for students, educators, and researchers, V-Lab integrates advanced graphics, user-friendly interfaces, and modular architecture.

INTERACT Tool: Making XR Accessible to All

LS GROUP (ex Light And Shadows) showcased the INTERACT Tool, a Unity plugin designed to make 3D scene setup in Unity accessible to users with limited technical knowledge. This innovative tool empowers users to incorporate physical elements, gamify scenarios, and stand out with features like an embedded physics engine, natural object interaction, and a scenarisation module.

XR2Learn’s participation in Immersive Tech Week underscores its commitment to reshaping education through immersive technologies. The event provided a valuable opportunity to explore and share ideas at the intersection of education and emerging technologies.

As XR2Learn continues to lead in the XR domain, its presence at Immersive Tech Week 2023 reflects its dedication to pushing the boundaries of immersive technology and fostering innovation in education.

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