Insights from the XR2Learn Open Call #1 Webinar

In the rapidly evolving landscape of educational technology, the recent XR2Learn Open Call #1 Webinar provided a pragmatic and insightful exploration of the potential integration of Extended Reality (XR) technology in education. 

Key Insights from the Webinar

The webinar covered a range of essential topics, each contributing to a well-rounded understanding of the implications of XR technology in education:

  1. Introduction to XR2Learn Project: A Glimpse of the Future

The event commenced with an overview of the XR2Learn project, emphasizing its commitment to fostering innovation in education through XR technology. Attendees gained insights into the overarching vision of the project, which seeks to reimagine traditional learning paradigms.

  1. Navigating the Open Call Details: Practical Considerations

A significant portion of the webinar was dedicated to demystifying the specifics of the Open Call. Participants received a clear breakdown of the application timeline, as well as detailed requirements and eligibility criteria. This segment provided attendees with a pragmatic understanding of the process required to access potential grants for XR education initiatives.

  1. Streamlined Application Process with F6S Platform: Simplifying Procedures

An instructive segment of the webinar detailed the application process using the F6S platform. This practical walkthrough elucidated the step-by-step procedures, guiding potential applicants through a simplified submission process.

  1. Q&A Session: Addressing Practical Queries

The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session, allowing attendees to pose questions to a panel of XR education experts. The session served as a platform for pragmatic discussions, addressing practical queries about the Open Call and XR education in general.

In case you missed the webinar, you can watch it on XR2Learn’s YouTube channel by clicking on the video below: